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Tasting Pack

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Try Back Country Cuisine, with this selection of our top 5 tasty freeze dried meals:

1. Roast Lamb & Vegetables 90g x 1

2. Honey Soy Chicken 90g x 1

3. Cooked Breakfast 90g x 1

4. Spaghetti Bolognaise 90g x 1

5. Roast Chicken 90g x 1


  • Light – the pouch weighs one third of the meal it makes
  • Fast – ready to eat in 10 to 15 minutes
  • Tasty – tastes good enough to finish the meal
  • Convenient – eat the meal straight from the pouch to reduce clean up
  • Long shelf life – meals produced with a four year best before date
  • New Zealand made

Please click on the meals for preparation, nutrition and allergen information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jan Caudwell

Hi I bought the pack to give to others so haven't got round to it or given them away. They looked fine to me.

Better than expected

I wanted to try these before buying them for our family emergency kits. They taste quite good and were easy to make. Needed a bit of extra salt to bring out some of the flavours. But in an emergency when resources are lacking, these will be amazing. I’ll definitely be buying more.

Jo Trotter
Great trail

I got this pack as a trail to make sure meals were edible. I have tried these sorts of meals in the past and wasn't impressed, not this brand though. Super impressed.
I'm buying them bot only for sons camping trip but also for emergency kits for home, definately worth the money

Greg Wilson
Tasting pack

I love the tasting pack as I really like the smaller portions and getting a selection in a pack is the easy way of sorting my trip.

Stacey List
Recommend to all

We take our children tramping couple times a year aswell as our tramps & only use Country Cursine, the meals are all so delish especially after those cold days in the bush, they give you more than enough engry and perfect size. Recommend to all. Best thing also supporting local.