NEW ZEALAND DELIVERY ONLY - Australian store now open, click here
NEW ZEALAND DELIVERY ONLY - Australian store now open, click here
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Help / Support

For help and support on Back Country Cuisine or The Outdoor Gourmet Company products from Back Country Foods Ltd, please see the following question and answers. If you can’t find what you are looking for don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q – Do you do international shipping?

A – Not currently, we only do New Zealand delivery.

Q – What currency are your products priced in?

A – Our products are priced in New Zealand dollars.

Q – Why didn't I get an email receipt for my order?

A – It may have gone to your junk mail folder.

Q – How long do your freeze dried meals last/what is the meal’s shelf life?

A – We make our meals with a four year best before date on them.

Q – Are the freeze dried meals safe to eat after their best before date?

A – We know from our advanced shelf life testing that our meals are safe to eat well beyond four years as long as the bag hasn’t been opened or damaged.

Q – Where are your freeze dried meals made?

A – We produce our meals in Invercargill, one of the southernmost cities in the world at the bottom of New Zealand.

Q – Do you do free shipping?

A – Yes, shipping is free on orders over $100.

Q – Do you do overnight shipping?

A – Not currently. All orders are delivered by courier and should arrive within 1-3 working days. Rural deliveries may take an additional 2-3 days.

Q – Is there an oxygen absorber to remove from the bag?

A – No, we don’t use an oxygen absorber sachet. We remove oxygen from the bag by vac-packing them and flushing it out with nitrogen gas before sealing the bag.

Q – Do you have a factory shop?

A – We would love to have one, but we don't have the space for a factory shop right now.

Q – Can I make up your freeze dried meals with cold water?

A – Yes, the meal will take at least three times longer to rehydrate. While it may not be quite as appetising, you will still get the same nutrition as using boiling water.

Q - Is the nutritional information on your freeze dried meals based on the dry ingredients or after the meal has been re-hydrated/re-constituted?

A - Our nutritional information is based on the re-hydrated/re-constituted meal.