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Beef Teriyaki


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This meal is light to carry and provides tasty, fast nourishing food for adventure with freeze dried beef, rice and vegetables in a soy flavoured sauce. Gluten free. No added dairy. Halal

  • Light – the pouch weighs one third of the meal it makes
  • Fast – ready to eat in 10 to 15 minutes
  • Tasty – tastes good enough to finish the meal
  • Convenient – eat the meal straight from the pouch to reduce clean up
  • Long shelf life – meals produced with a four year best before date
  • New Zealand made
Preparation & Nutrition


Serves per pack 1. Net weight 90g. Preparation: Add 250 ml (1 cup or AORAKI fill line) of boiling water to meal pouch. Stir and stand for 10-15 minutes. Serving size 340g (once prepared)

Per Serve

Energy 1640kJ (391Cal), Protein 17.7g, Fat 11.8g, Fat - saturated 4.8g, Carbohydrate - total 52.6g, Carbohydrate - sugars 13.9g, Sodium 1030mg

Per 100g

Energy 482kJ (115Cal), Protein 5.2g, Fat 3.5g, Fat - saturated 1.4g, Carbohydrate - total 15.5g, Carbohydrate - sugars 4.1g, Sodium 303mg


Serves per pack 1. Net weight 175g. Preparation: Add 438 ml (1¾ cups or K2 fill line) of boiling water to meal pouch. Stir and stand for 10-15 minutes. Serving size 613g (once prepared)

Per Serve

Energy 3180kJ (759Cal), Protein 34.1g, Fat 22.7g, Fat - saturated 9.3g, Carbohydrate - total 103g, Carbohydrate - sugars 27.1g, Sodium 1990mg

Per 100g

Energy 519kJ (124Cal), Protein 5.6g, Fat 3.7g, Fat - saturated 1.5g, Carbohydrate - total 16.7g, Carbohydrate - sugars 4.4g, Sodium 324mg


White Rice, Sauce (Sugar, Maltodextrin, Thickener (1442), Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (Soy), Soy Sauce, Yeast Extract, Colour (Caramel Iv), Spices, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Vegetables, Canola Oil, Flavour, Spice Extract), Beef Dices (27%) (Beef, Salt, Mineral Salt (451, 450)), Onion, Red Pepper, Peas (Peas, Acidity Regulator (331, Sodium Bicarbonate)).


Contains Soy. May contain Crustacean, Egg, Fish, Milk, Almond, Cashew.

Information provided on this page is supplied to help you to select suitable products. However, products and their ingredients change over time, which may affect nutritional, ingredient and allergen information. Always check product labels before consuming.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Winnie O'Grady
Honey soy chicken

I wouldn’t rate this option. It didn’t have much flavour of anything. Neither offensive or tasty. I’m not sure whether there was chicken in there. But, I ate it - unlike the Nadi goring which I threw out.

Bob Mcgiven
Beef Teriyaki

Very filling & nutritious. I would purchase it again...

Jackie Ellis
A+ on flavour!

This is my favourite of all the mains. It’s flavourful and you can let it get to whichever consistency you prefer. I like it a bit chewy so don’t wait as long. But it also gets lovely and soft if you leave it longer. It’s delicious either way!

Andrew Smith

Full of flavour and filling.

Michael Fischer
5 year test

As i wont be eating these for quite some time i can appreciate these meals are Good , i have had some yeeaars ago. These are for when SHF when theres Nothing else !!! Thank You for the chance of getting Quality long term storage food 👍